A letter from a Crimean native

Little Crimea is sleeping… Dear people of Earth, Crimeans are just like the rest of us. They have kids, jobs, businesses, they do not want any abrupt changes, esp. in currency, bank system, regulations, business.

Why on Earth did they VOTE for the OTHER COUNTRY?! Why would YOU do that? May be you would do that because you are Jewish, and otherwise you would have to flee… Or may be because the neo-nazis force you to speak their language… Or may be because your history and culture are being destroyed, and you are being humiliated on daily basis. May be because of the poverty – remember, some of them had to go to Kiev to participate in crazy demonstrations for the pay which is worth several months of regular paychecks…

Or may be you feel that your life’s worth nothing in this country, where cops are being killed, banks are robbed, and nobody is charged for the crime. THAT is a good reason, don’t you think? Little Crimea is sleeping, and Russia is guarding her now. Let her live. Stop the media war. Please.

-Crimean woman

Letter was accompanied by a photo:



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