Letter From Ukrainian Patriot

Letter from a Ukrainian patriot, translation:

“I’m jelous of Russians, I’m jelous of these ‘katsaps’ and ‘moscovites’. I’m jelous of their olympics, their army, I have many Russian friends, I even have relatives in Russia. I’m seeing how they are changing and they are growing. They trust their president. They believe in their army. When abroad they proudly say that they are from Russia, and noone is smirking in return, everyone looks at them with interest and awe.

They are proud of their great history, their achievements and victories.

But it was ‘our history’…, and our victories, our achievements. Remember USSR?! It wasn’t that long ago.

You know, I see it now, – they… are comfortable with themselves. They don’t care about west whom we put on pedestal. They keep on going, without stopping, whatever we hear on TV, and on forums. I understand now, it’s us who is losing something, not them. We beome weaker, they become stronger.

However loud we yell: “glory to Ukraine!”, we can’t stop this process. It wasn’t too long ago when we mocked them, when they spilled their blood in Chechnya. Now, Chechens are not any less Russian, than anyone else within Russian borders. They are ready to defend their great country. Part of which they are. And now they are scaring us with Chechen batalions.

How did it happen??? They were just killing each other yesterday?! Answer is simple, Chechens remembered that they are Russians and they are part of a great country and great nation. We are angrily happy when there are terrorist acts or catastrophies in Russia. They conquer them all one by one and become stronger!

Despite the fact that right now whole world is against them! They fall and get up again. Calmly standing and smiling. Spiting blood after another victory, they keep standing and smiling. We yell, that they are slaves. We yell, that they are going to break up soon, oil prices will go down, ruble will become worthless, NATO will attack them, they will get more sanctions etc. But they won’t even budge.

But them… is us! We spit in our own image. At ourselves. We hav to remember that we are one and the same. When we’ll understand that, we’ll get that same feeling that our ancestors had. Feeling of inner strength, hope, and a feeling of a being proud that we are Russian too.

It doesn’t matter who our ancestors are – Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, Booriats or Uzbeki. Doesn’t matter what religion we are – catholics, orthodox, muslims, or judaism. That’s not important. What is important is that we are Russians! And we are a part of a great nation and great country.”


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